TB Testing

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TB Testing

If you’ve recently hired new employees, they may need tuberculosis (TB) screening before their first day on the job. Many industries strongly recommend or require TB testing. It’s especially common in education, social services and the medical field. Providing on-site TB tests for newly hired employees is a great way to stay compliant, invest in your company’s health and keep your entire workforce safe.

At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we bring world-class TB testing services right to your workplace. Our flexible scheduling and competitive pricing make it easier than ever to provide tuberculosis screenings for your employees.

What Is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is a respiratory disease that spreads through the air after someone with the condition coughs or sneezes. TB can affect the lungs, kidneys, spine and brain. A vaccine is available against TB, which makes the disease preventable. Still, screening is essential to prevent the potential spread of illness.

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    What Industries Receive TB Tests?

    Anyone working in health care should receive a TB screening upon hire. The same goes for anyone working in a setting where many people closely share a space for extended periods. These settings include:

    • Inpatient and outpatient work.
    • Laboratory settings.
    • Medical emergency services.
    • Correctional facilities.
    • At-home health care.
    • Long-term health care.
    • Homeless shelters.
    • Classrooms.

    Employers typically only need to test their employees for TB once. If an employee has exposure to TB or has been in contact with someone who has been exposed, additional testing may be necessary.

    TB Testing
    TB Testing

    A World-Class TB Testing Service

    U.S. Mobile Health Exams has partnered with the only national TB Testing laboratory exclusively dedicated to performing the T-SPOT® TB Test. Our mobile TB testing clinic provides professional care without the need for employees to travel. Benefits of our mobile TB clinic include:

    • CLIA-Certified and CAP-accredited
    • Specimens accepted seven days per week
    • A simple blood draw
    • Results back within 36 hours
    • What Happens During a TB Blood Test?

    A TB blood test uses unbiased lab testing. During your scheduled TB test clinic, our trained health professionals will draw blood from participating employees and submit it to a laboratory to determine any possible tuberculosis infections. We’ll be in touch with the results as soon as they’re ready. Our TB blood tests only require us to visit your job site once, making our service convenient and cost-effective for employers and employees.

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    Bring TB Testing to Your Workplace With U.S. Mobile Health Exams

    With mobile TB testing, staying compliant and creating a healthy workplace environment is easy. We’ll arrive on time for your TB test clinic, and our professional staff will treat your employees with respect. To schedule employee TB testing at your workplace, call us today at 800-381-2894 or fill out our online contact form.

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    TB Testing
    TB Testing
    TB Testing