Keeping Your Employees Safe


Keeping employees healthy is should be a priority in every workplace. One way to keep your employees feeling their best is to provide them with immunizations against illnesses like the flu and pneumonia. Your employees will need to take fewer sick days, and they’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re protected.

Many employees and employers do not receive their needed annual vaccinations due to issues such as time or needing to travel. U.S. Mobile Health Exams is a mobile immunization clinic that will arrive at your work site to provide convenient care. Our mobile flu shots make it easier than ever for your team to stay safe and healthy.

The Impacts of the Flu in a Workplace

As flu season approaches, employees have two choices if they become sick. The first is to stay home. The second is to continue coming to work so they will not have to take sick time.

If an employee is sick at work, they will not be performing at their best. They could make errors and even get hurt. Sick employees can also spread illness to co-workers, further lowering the productivity of your workforce as a whole. Employees with preexisting health conditions are especially at risk.

Sick employees take a significant toll on any organization and can cause workplace morale to suffer. When you schedule a mobile flu shot clinic with U.S. Mobile Health Exams, you are investing in your employees and company by protecting them against the spread of the flu.

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    The Benefits of Workplace Immunizations

    As an employer, you can benefit from offering vaccinations in a few key ways:

    • Saving money by reducing employee absences
    • Making your employee health plans more competitive in the market
    • Creating a positive working environment

    Of course, employees will also benefit from having immunization options at the workplace. If employees often work closely together, a mobile flu shot clinic could mean the difference between one team member taking a sick day and multiple employee absences.

    Our mobile service is especially beneficial for high-risk groups. Vaccinating healthy employees will help prevent the spread of illness to those who may not be able to get the shot themselves.

    A wide variety of factors can prevent employees from getting vaccinated on their own. Those who live in rural communities may have long travels time to receive a flu shot. Some employees may not have enough sick days to use them for preventive care. Our mobile vaccination clinic will come right to your work site, giving your staff convenient access to this essential service.

    Our Immunization Offerings

    At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we offer a variety of immunizations to help employers keep their workforce safe. Our mobile immunization clinic offerings include vaccinations for:

    • The flu
    • Hepatitis A and B
    • Tetanus
    • Pneumonia

    Call U.S. Mobile Health Exams to Schedule a Mobile Vaccination Clinic

    Scheduling on-site flu shots for your company offers multiple benefits, especially when you work with U.S. Mobile Health Exams. Our highly experienced physicians and fully trained medical staff will treat your employees with respect while following all medical regulations.

    Schedule a mobile vaccination clinic today by calling 800-381-2894 or filling out our online contact form.

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