Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys

Protecting Employees In The Workplace

Occupational Noise Monitoring and Surveys

Occupational regulations and standards were established which sets legal limits on noise exposure in the workplace. Do you know the noise exposure levels your workers experience every day? Occupational regulations and standards set legal limits on noise exposure in the workplace. At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we administer our noise testing program following OSHA Regulatory Standard 29CFR 1910.95. Our experts will provide you a comprehensive workplace noise monitoring assessment to use in formulating your company’s hearing conservation program.

What Is a Noise Survey?

An industrial noise survey involves using instruments to survey the noise levels in a facility. This assessment will reveal which areas of a facility generate harmful noise levels and if the employees who work in these areas are at risk.

Occupational noise testing is a great resource to help companies stay compliant and protect the ear health of their employees. After receiving the results of a noise survey, you can find methods to reduce noise exposure for your employees if need be.

When Does a Workplace Require Noise Testing Services?

Industrial noise monitoring provides information that a company may not have access to otherwise. Some indications that your workplace may require a noise survey include the following:

  • Your employees report hearing a ringing or humming in their ears
  • Employees notice a temporary loss of hearing when they leave work for the day
  • The noise level is so high that employees standing a few feet apart must shout to hear one another

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    Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys

    What Happens During a Noise Survey?

    During area noise monitoring, a sound level meter will measure sound pressure levels (SPLs). After calibration, our technician will hold the sound level meter at arm’s length at the ear height of the employees stationed in the exposed area. The technician will test at ear height on the right and left sides to mimic a worker’s experience during their day.

    Some employees work in environments with constantly changing noise levels. In these cases, a technician will place a personal sound exposure meter (PSEM) on the operator’s shoulder. The PSEM will record the noise exposure throughout a shift.

    U.S. Mobile Health Exams Offers Two Types of Noise Surveys

    To better serve our clients, we offer two types of noise exposure testing to determine the noise safety levels of an area. These noise survey services include:

    • Area Measurements: We obtain comprehensive area measurements using an integrating sound level meter to identify hazardous noise levels where worker mobility is not a factor. Our team performs noise exposure testing at specific workstations to capture a representative sample of employees’ exposures.
    • Personal Noise Dosimetry: To identify noise-exposed employees, we conduct studies on work environments that are fluctuating or continually changing. We use dosimeters to monitor at-risk employees for an entire shift. The dosimeters then summarize each employee’s measured actual average exposure and Time Weighted Average sound exposure. When a company selects the Dosimetry survey, our surveyors include and perform area measurements as well.
    Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys

    Why Work With U.S. Mobile Health Exams

    At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we offer a 100% customer guarantee on all of our services. Our prompt reporting and flexible scheduling make us a leader among noise level testing and assessment companies. Our U.S. Mobile Health Exams’ experts will provide your company with quality service that includes:

    • Comprehensive workplace noise monitoring assessment
    • A comprehensive report with the results and
      recommendations on reducing exposure
    • Assistance in updating noise policies
    • Practical expert advice to reduce exposure
    • Trained consultants to set up control strategies for exposure
    • Noise awareness training for your staff
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    Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys
    Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys
    Occupational Noise Monitoring Surveys