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Protect Your Employees From Hearing Loss

Safety professionals have a universal challenge in protecting the hearing of their noise-exposed employees: How much protection do their employees actually achieve with their ear plugs? U.S. Mobile Health Exams makes it easy to get an accurate, real-world picture of your employees’ hearing protection. Ear plug fit testing provides a formal metric from which one can determine whether employees are receiving optimal protection for their noise environment using their current protection.

  • We bring onsite screening units staffed by fully trained professionals to you.
  • Each employee tested will receive a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) determining the effectiveness of the current ear protection.
  • Safety managers receive an easy to understand report of each employee’s results downloadable to a variety of formats.
  • Our fit experts will help determine if your employee needs additional training with their earplugs or need to try a different model.
  • Safety managers and employees will receive printed material to assist in training for proper ear plug fit.
  • Optional one on one training from one of our ear plug fit experts as determined by their results.

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    U.S. Mobile Health Exams Can Solve Several Challenges In Your Hearing Conservation Program

    Safety Manager Benefits

    • U.S. Mobile Health Exams helps fulfill regulatory requirements for proper fit, provides an opportunity for individualized training, and documents results in a training log for a more successful hearing conservation program.

    Employee Benefits

    • U.S. Mobile Health Exams demonstrates the importance of hearing protection in the workplace, and helps employees select and compare protectors to find the best choice for their ears and specific application.
    Challenge Description Key Actions
    Workers With Significant Shift in Hearing or At-Risk for Further Occupational Hearing Loss Annual audiogram and follow-up evaluations have documented that the employees have sustained significant shift in hearing or have been identified as being “at-risk” of further hearing loss. Provide U.S. Mobile Health Exams fit test for workers with a significant shift in hearing to ensure proper selection and fit of earplugs. Review the on-screen training video to model proper fitting techniques. Use this as a teaching moment and determine additional personalized hearing protector tactics for at-risk workers.
    Earplug Selection Attenuation provided by earplugs and earmuffs should be appropriate for the noise level and workplace requirements/applications, as well as worker comfort. Create a group of workers to trial new earplugs and evaluate them against their current earplugs. Run this group through U.S. Mobile Health Exams’ Quick Check to determine if current/new earplugs provide proper attenuation.
    Standardized Protection Levels Some companies mandate that employees in specific areas achieve a minimum amount of attenuation. Hearing Conservation Program manager identifies minimum attenuation required for each area of facility. Using the Quick Check, each employee evaluates their protection with current earplugs.

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    Ear Protection Fitting
    Ear Protection Fitting
    Ear Protection Fitting