Mobile Drug Testing Programs


Mobile Drug Testing Programs

Employers and employees often share the same goals in that they want their company to succeed. Drug use can hinder this goal and potentially lead to accidents and injuries on the job. As an employer, you can help to prevent these instances by requiring drug tests for new hires. Regular testing can also help you keep your work site safe in the long term.

U.S. Mobile Health Exams provides on-site drug screening services at your facility, or anywhere our clients need collections performed. This service is great for mass hiring, career fairs or even on a periodic basis. Our collectors are SAMHSA certified and trained to collect urine, hair or oral fluid and to conduct breath alcohol testing.

Why Conduct a Drug Test?

Regular drug screenings and tests for new hires can have several benefits for your workplace. By scheduling mobile drug testing, you can:

  • Reduce employee absences and drops in productivity due to drug use.
  • Avoid hiring employees who use illegal drugs.
  • Offer help to employees struggling with substance use.
  • Promote a safe work environment.
  • Minimize injuries on the job due to employee impairment.
  • Protect fellow employees or the general public.
  • Remain compliant with state or federal laws.

When to Schedule Mobile Health Drug Tests

As an employer, you may have several reasons to conduct mobile drug screening services at a given time. Common times for testing include:

  • Pre-employment: Employers typically perform this drug test after a conditional job offer. The employee must receive a negative result before they begin working.
  • Post-accident: If an incident results in injuries on the job site, an employer may order a drug test to determine whether drugs contributed to the accident.
  • Random: Many employers select employees at random for unannounced testing. This practice helps to discourage drug use across the workforce,
  • Following signs of drug use: If an employee arrives to work and shows signs of drug use, such as slurred speech or an inability to walk in a straight line, the employer may be able to request a drug test.

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    Mobile Drug Testing Programs
    Mobile Drug Testing Programs

    Drug Tests Available With U.S. Mobile Health Exams

    As a mobile drug testing unit, we make it easy for companies in any industry to perform screenings. Some of the mobile drug testing services that we offer include:

    • Urine drug tests
    • Hair drug tests
    • Mouth swab drug tests
    • Breath alcohol tests
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    The Benefits of Drug Testing With U.S. Mobile Health Exams

    Our team of fully trained, certified medical staff can deliver mobile health drug tests and mobile DOT drug testing. Some benefits of our services include:

    Laboratory Testing

    • Mobile DOT and Non-DOT drug testing
    • Customized test panels available
    • With and without lab confirmation
    • Five- and ten-panel tests available

    Random Selections

    • Customized by ten different criteria

    Results Available Via a Secured Web Site

    • Negatives within 24 hours
    • Donor interviews on all positives

    Additional Benefits

    • Customized Activity Report
    • MRO Services
    • Rapid Screens

    Schedule a Mobile Drug Testing Unit Today

    As a leader in mobile drug testing companies, U.S. Mobile Health Exams guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on all our services. To experience our professional service for yourself, call us today at 800-381-2894 or fill out our online contact form.

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    Mobile Drug Testing Programs
    Mobile Drug Testing Programs
    Mobile Drug Testing Programs