Hearing Conservation Testing Program

U.S. Mobile Health Exams’ audiometric testing program is administered in accordance with OSHA Regulatory Standard 29 CFR 1910.95. The OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Standard contains a “Mobile Test Van Exception” with regard to obtaining an employee’s baseline audiogram. If an employer utilizes a mobile test provider, the exception allows the employer 12 months to establish a new-employee baseline audiogram.

Audiometric Testing

  • Testing booths have a triple-layer of sound proofing
  • Up to 6 employees tested at a time
  • State-of-the-art micro-processor audiometers are used for consistency and accuracy
  • Immediate comparison to baseline
  • Audiometers automatically retest any frequency where a hearing shift has occurred
  • If completed test shows an STS, most employees can receive their re-test on the same day
  • Continuous monitoring of test room noise levels
  • Otoscope exam conducted when problematic tests occur
  • Immediate distribution of Employee Evaluation Letter is available
  • Testing instructions available in 8 languages
  • Audiology review all audiograms

Documentation via Web-based Reporting

  • Secure, password protected
  • On-board Employee Evaluation Letters available in English or Spanish
  • Standard Threshold Shift (STS) reports
  • OSHA Recordable reports
  • Group reports
  • Equipment calibration reports

Audiometric Training

  • OSHA-approved video training
  • Pamphlets available upon request
  • Question and answer session available upon request
  • Sign-in sheets provided to client as documentation of training