Respiratory Protection Program & Testing Services

Each employee enrolled in a company’s Respiratory Protection Program must have a current Medical Clearance for Respiratory Use, must receive an annual respirator fit test and must receive annual respiratory training. The U.S. Mobile Health Exams Respiratory Protection Program helps our clients maintain compliance with these key components of the OSHA Respiratory Standard 29 CFR 1910.134.

quantifitRespiratory Clearance

  • OSHA Health History Questionnaire
  • Spirometry (lung capacity test)
  • Physician review

Respirator Fit testing

  • Qualitative fit testing for half-masks
  • Quantitative fit testing for full-faced masks

Documentation via Web-based Reporting

  • Fit testing documentation with employee signatures
  • Medical clearance forms with physician recommendation

Respiratory Training

  • OSHA-approved video training
  • Question and answer session available upon request
  • Sign-in sheets provided to client as documentation of training

respiratory-test01 respiratory-test02 test-respiratory03