Respiratory Protection

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Respiratory Protection Program & Testing Services

Keeping your employees safe throughout their workdays is a priority in every workplace. Millions of workers wear respirators at work each day to protect themselves against harmful dust, gases or insufficient amounts of oxygen. Annually testing the effectiveness of these respirators can prevent thousands of illnesses and even deaths.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standards require a written respiratory protection program specific to your worksite. Each employee enrolled in a company’s Respiratory Protection Program must have a current Medical Clearance for Respiratory Use, receive an annual respirator fit test and receive annual respiratory training. The U.S. Mobile Health Exams Respiratory Protection Program helps our clients maintain compliance with these critical components of the OSHA Respiratory Standard 29 CFR 1910.134.

If you need mobile respirator fit testing that complies with OSHA standards, U.S. Mobile Health Exams has the right solutions.

Respiratory Clearance

Respiratory clearance is a health assessment that protects your employees’ well-being at work. When you receive a respiratory clearance from U.S. Mobile Health Exams, you can expect the following:

  • OSHA Health History Questionnaire
  • Spirometry (lung capacity test)
  • Physician review

After an employee receives respirator clearance, they will have to undergo a fit test for their respirator. Workers must complete a respiratory clearance and fit test before they can safely work on the job site. If an individual does not receive approval or experiences restricted movement or limitations with a specific respirator, a clinician may require additional medical information.

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    Respiratory Protection
    Respiratory Protection

    Respirator Fit Testing

    The type of respirator used in a workplace can protect employees in two fundamental ways. The first type, including particulate respirators, filters and removes contaminants from the air. The second type protects the employee by supplying air from another source, such as a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

    Performing an annual OSHA fit test of the respirators your workers will use in the workplace is vital, as it ensures the gear will protect employees by fitting correctly. A poorly fitting respirator may cause contamination due to leakage from incorrectly adjusted face seals.

    When you utilize U.S. Mobile Health Exams’ on-site respirator fit testing, you will benefit from two types of examinations:

    • Qualitative fit testing for half-masks
    • Quantitative fit testing for full-faced masks

    A qualitative fit test uses the employee’s own senses to determine any possible leaks. During this test, our physicians utilize chemical agents and ask the individual to indicate if they taste or smell anything or feel the urge to cough. This determines if their mask contains a leak or does not fit correctly. A quantitative fit test uses instruments to provide a numerical number for any leakage present.

    Documentation via Web-based Reporting

    Employers must keep their employees’ medical evaluations for the entirety of their employment, plus an additional 30 years. Employers must also keep fit test records until their employees receive their next fit test. With our web-based reporting, employers will have access to:

    • Medical clearance forms with physician recommendation
    • All historical fit testing documentation with employee signatures
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    Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory Training

    If you’d like to train your employees on the importance of protecting their respiratory health, U.S. Mobile Health Exams provides respiratory training to employers and their workers. This training includes:

    • OSHA-approved video training
    • Question and answer session available upon request
    • Sign-in sheets provided to client as documentation of training
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    Respiratory Protection
    Respiratory Protection
    Respiratory Protection