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U.S. Mobile Health Exams offers customized community health outreach programs for large corporations and municipalities. Our expert staff works with each client to assess goals, develop protocols, plan community health events and market it to the public. We can build a customized trailer showcasing the client's brand. Station our mobile trailers at each community event to provide private health services from qualified medical staff.  

What Is Community Health?

Community health refers to the shared well-being of members of a community. These community members share the same neighborhood or region as well as health characteristics, heritage and economic situations.

An example of a community health issue would be a population that experiences high rates of obesity due to limited access to nutritious foods. Public health outreach programs, such as the services offered by U.S. Mobile Health Exams, can make a difference through education and screening for potential health concerns.

Why Community Health Matters

The primary purpose of community health outreach programs is to offer services to educate residents on what resources are available to help them take control of their health.

Public health outreach focuses on identifying specific geographic regions that may face higher levels of need or significant barriers toward living healthy lives. Compared to a community with access to nutritious food and health care services, those at a disadvantage often have shorter life spans.

Mobile health outreach services help to close the divide between advantaged and disadvantaged communities. At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we travel to reach populations that might not have easy access to care and health screenings otherwise.

The Benefits of Mobile Health Outreach Services

Many Americans with chronic health issues do not have access to needed care due to factors beyond their control. Lack of money and transportation and mistrust of doctors can often cause a community's health to suffer. With public health outreach, all communities can thrive.

Closing the Health Care Gap

Gaps in access to health care available are often wider in rural and low-income communities due to doctor shortages. These communities may experience high levels of homelessness or poverty due to an overall lack of care. Mobile health outreach services can help to close the gap and improve the quality of life in these areas.

Lowering the Cost of Health Care

When a community health clinic is active, patients have a say in their care, lowering their overall costs. Regular mobile health screenings can also help patients seek treatment early and avoid the need for costly emergency care services.

Treating and Preventing Numerous Conditions

Community health outreach programs are significant assets to public health initiatives. Preventive care keeps patients out of hospitals and gives them the opportunity to get treatment early on when it's most effective.

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U.S. Mobile Health Exams can make your community health outreach program even more effective. For more information, call 800-381-2894 or download our brochure of services today.

custom built medical trailer
Custom trailer buildout: client PhRMA
Interior of mobile health exam unit
Inside buildout of a mobile exam unit
custom built medical trailer at trade show
Custom trailer buildout: client Janssen
Woman getting tested at mobile clinic
Health screening event inside mobile unit
Exam stations inside health screening trailer
4 exam stations inside health screening trailer
Exam room inside multiphasic health screen trailer
Exam room inside multiphasic trailer