Noise Exposure Testing

Achieve OSHA Noise Survey Standards With Our On-Site Noise Dosimetry Testing

Do you know the noise levels your employees are exposed to every day? OSHA noise standards set legal limits on noise exposure in the workplace to keep employees safe. US Mobile Health Exams provides all the required examinations to keep your company in compliance with the OSHA Noise Survey Standards.

US Mobile Health Exams offers two types of Noise Surveys:

  • Area Measurements
  • Personal Noise Dosimetry

Our experts can provide a comprehensive workplace noise survey assessment. Our testing program is administered in accordance with OSHA Regulatory Standard 29CFR 1910.95. Protect your employees from working in hazardous noise levels with USMHE’s noise dosimetry testing.

US Mobile Health Exams’ On-Site Noise Exposure Testing includes:

  • Comprehensive workplace noise monitoring assessment
  • A comprehensive report with the results and recommendations on reducing exposure
  • Assistance in updating noise policies
  • Practical expert advice to reduce exposure
  • Trained consultants to set up control strategies for exposure
  • Noise awareness training for your staff.

Call US Mobile Health Exams today for a free on-site Noise Dosimetry Testing quote. Protect your employees from harmful noise exposure now!

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