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Ultrasound Screenings

As an employer, one of your top priorities is fostering a healthy workplace. Ultrasound screenings are a great way to detect many health problems, making them an asset for employers and employees.

When you schedule lab work with U.S. Mobile Health Exams, our mobile ultrasound unit will arrive at your work site. Your employees will receive professional, comprehensive health care without the need to travel or take a sick day. Schedule ultrasound screenings today to start creating a healthier workplace.

What Can Ultrasounds Detect?

During an ultrasound exam, high-frequency waves are transmitted through the body tissues via a small transducer or probe. These waves then travel through the body until they reach fluid, tissue or bone. The waves reflect into the probe, where a computer translates them into an image on the screen.

Most are familiar with using ultrasound to show fetal development during pregnancy, but an ultrasound is also a great way to diagnose many diseases. If an employee has pain, swelling or other systems, an ultrasound can detect possible causes such as a kidney stone or liver disease. This quick detection allows your employees to receive the care they need to stay healthy and continue working efficiently.

Our Ultrasound Testing Options

As part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we offer a variety of ultrasound screenings:

  •  Echocardiogram Screening
  •  Carotid Artery Ultrasound
  •  Thyroid Ultrasound
  •  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Ultrasound
  •  Bone Density Test (Osteoporosis screening)

Employer Benefits of Ultrasounds

Your employees' well-being affects your company as a whole. Healthy employees will be happier, helping to foster a more positive work environment. They'll also be able to work more efficiently and take fewer sick days. Overall, a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Preventive ultrasound screenings allow for the early detection of possibly dangerous health issues as well.

By promoting good health practices and offering ultrasounds, your company may also save money in the long term. A healthy staff will remain working at your company, which reduces hiring and recruiting costs.

On-site health services offer a variety of advantages:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Reducing sick leave costs
  • Boosting productivity
  • Limiting errors and accidents in the workplace due to illness
  • Promoting higher levels of engagement among employees
  • Lowering insurance costs for employers and employees
  • Increasing morale among staff

Why Choose U.S. Mobile Health Exams?

As a mobile ultrasound unit, we're able to provide numerous benefits that many traditional imaging centers cannot. In a conventional imaging center, there's often a delay in results. This wait time could put a high-risk patient in even more danger and prevent them from receiving the care they need. At U.S. Mobile Health Exams, we pride ourselves on our prompt reporting. We return our results in days, not weeks.

Our mobile service is also more convenient for your employees since there's no need to take time off to visit a traditional office.

Contact U.S. Mobile Health Exams Today

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services, U.S. Mobile Health exams is an excellent option for providing ultrasounds to your employees. Call us at 800-381-2894 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment for mobile ultrasound screening.