Ear Protection Fit Testing

Make Ear Plug Fit Testing Part Of Your Hearing Conservation Program with USMHE

US Mobile Health Exams makes it easy to fulfill regulatory requirements with our Hearing Protection Fit Testing.

Improperly fitting ear protection can kill nerve endings in the inner ear and cause permanent hearing loss. Discover the perfect fit for each of your employees with US Mobile Health Exams’ Ear Protection Fit Testing!

According to OSHA, 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise in the workplace annually. By evaluating the ear protection your employees currently use with Hearing Protection Fit Testing, USMHE can offer an accurate picture of whether they’re receiving optimal protection for their noise environment. The fit makes the difference!

Call US Mobile Health Exams today for a free hearing protection fit testing quote. Protect your workers with proper ear plug fit testing now!

US Mobile Health Exams’ Ear Protection Fit Testing includes:

  • Onsite screening units staffed by fully trained professionals
  • A Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) for each employee to determine the effectiveness of their current ear protection
  • Downloadable reports on each employee’s results
  • Evaluation of whether employees require alternate earplugs or training with their current models
  • Printed training materials to achieve proper ear plug fit
  • One-on-one training from our ear plug fit experts

Call US Mobile Health Exams today for a free on-site Ear Protection Fitting quote. Protect your employees from harmful noise exposure now!

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