Press Release: New corporate healthcare provider with national focus opens in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – A new corporate healthcare provider with a national focus has
opened its headquarters in Jacksonville. U.S. Mobile Health Exams, Inc., which provides mobile health testing and wellness services to corporations and government entities helps client organizations meet all Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other requirements for employees.

Jacksonville native Paul Hassan is the president of U.S. Mobile Health Exams. Prior to forming the company, he had 13 years experience as a principal of another successful local company providing similar services.

“In an environment with ever exploding health care costs and more and more regulatory requirements, employers are looking for ways to meet OSHA requirements without breaking their budget,” said Hassan. “U.S. Mobile Health Exams brings a full facility in a portable unit directly to the employer and sets up an onsite clinic for as long or short of a time as necessary to handle each client.

“The money saved by using medical facilities only as necessary instead of as a permanent part of a complex is considerable. Employers focus on what they do best, and we focus on healthcare needs and OSHA regulatory needs, while at the same time providing the highest levels of customer service. It frees up resources, lowers budgets, and still provides the most current medical technology and highest level of professional care.”

U.S. Mobile Health Exams employs a wide range of physicians and fully-trained medical support staff, all using new, portable facilities. The company currently provides services in the Southeast, and has licensed physicians and medical staff in each state. Plans call for a national rollout over the next 24 months through franchising agreements on a state by state basis.

The range of accessible services includes audio testing, respiratory protection, physical exams, health screens, immunizations, and drug testing programs.

Hassan says this concept is a perfect solution to maintain employee efficiency while meeting regulatory needs. “We bring a complete clinic onsite. Everything we need, along with all required personnel arrive at a company or government site and we begin rotating employees in and out on a schedule which works for our client organizations. There is no need for employee transportation to a remote bricks and mortar site, and no need for employees to be away from their work stations for an extended period of time. We’re right there, whether it’s at 10 in the morning or midnight. Our staff, when requested, rotates working around the clock shifts to meet the flexible needs of employers. Not everyone works nine to five, and we don’t, either.”

The fleet of portable facilities are specially manufactured trailers, pulled behind small trucks. Each facility is self-contained and fully equipped with the latest technology, meeting all courtesies and requirements for patient privacy. Advanced systems are in place to meet paperwork and government reporting requirements, which further lowers costs for employers.

“When one of our units sets up at a client location, our medical and support staff is fully ready and focused on completing our assignment as efficiently as possible. But, we also recognize not every effort goes exactly as planned, so we have the ability to make quick changes and, if necessary, extend our onsite visits to accommodate any last minutes complications due to employee needs. Beyond just providing good customer service, we’re making sure by the time we complete an onsite program every effort has been made to reach each employee and handle their unique needs. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ operation,” said Hassan.

“The test of our level of commitment to our clients, even in the short time we have been in operation, is we’re invited back after our initial contract. Our clients know we’re acting in their best interest and the best interest of their employees.”

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